Level One

Yoga for students who have established a consistent yoga practice for over six months or more

Level 1


Level 1 Classes are the next step up from Beginners Yoga Classes.  It is a good idea to complete the Beginners Yoga Course to prepare for the Level 1 course and classes.

In Level 1 classes we:

► learn more about the integration of breath awareness in Hatha Yoga

► explore yoga asana in greater depth

► and examine the potential for a slightly more challenging practice

The classes are well rounded and enjoyable as we present yoga at a progressive experience to help students understand their practice as it evolves. Attendance is encouraged by Term course though casual attendance is very welcome.

Join the course and attend 10 classes during the term, ideally during the same timeslot each week though you can come to another Level 1 Course class on at a different timeslot on occassion if you require flexibility during the term.

Level 1 Casual Classes 

Mondays 6:30pm - 8pm

Thursday  8pm - 9:30pm

Sundays 10am - 11:30am


2019 Level 1 Courses (10 classes)


        Term 1

          Thursday 31st January - Sunday 7th April        


Term 2 

Monday 29rd April - Sunday 30th June    BOOK ONLINE

(No classes Queens Birthday 10th June)


Term 3 

Monday 15th July - Sunday 22nd September


Term 4 

Monday 7th October - Sunday 15th December





One student's story level 1

Kate Tapping

Kate, what brought you to yoga?

" I'd read about the benefits of yoga for years and dabbled in a few different classes, but until I really committed to coming to classes regularly at Yoga Path I didn't totally understand what all the hype was about. I did the beginners course a couple of times and then moved on to level one and two classes. Starting yoga, and sticking with it, is one of the most positive steps I've taken in my adult life. Yoga has turned out to involve so much more than I originally thought."

How has practising Yoga helped you?

" I like that I've made a commitment to something, and that I can see improvement when I work hard. It's teaching me perseverance. Personally I like the physical side of yoga, and really enjoy increasingly feeling more flexible and stronger. I think it's important to keep as healthy as you can and a lot of what we practise at yoga helps me in other parts of my life. If I'm in a stressful work situation I hear Nicole's words ringing in my ear "remember to breathe, Kate". I truly believe that anyone who sticks with it will benefit - in their own individual way - from practising yoga."

What keeps you coming back to Yoga Path?

Over the years I've been going to Yoga Path Nicole and Tom have been welcoming, friendly, encouraging, helpful and supportive. I like that they are both incredibly knowledgeable about yoga and the human body - it is clear that this is their passion and chosen path. The flexibility of choosing from a variety of classes at different times - rather than locking in a fixed day and time each week - really works for me. I like that whatever class I go to, whoever the teacher is, whatever we practise... I always learn something."

- Kate Tapping

What is yoga?

Hatha yoga is the physical form of the ancient Indian practice of yoga. The word yoga itself, means 'union'. This reflects the ultimate goal of yoga, being the realisation that individual consciousness is, in fact, one with universal consciousness. Hatha focuses on the 'union' of yoga to evolve the body/brain connection through physical exercises and breath-control to encourage better health over the long term. A life of physical and mental wellbeing gives us time to consider and perhaps even realise yoga's true purpose.

What happens in class?

In class we place special focus on developing strength, endurance, flexibility, and correct postural alignment, while learning to engage the energy of the breath. Differing individual needs of age and fitness are acknowledged.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Hatha yoga helps to generate physical, mental and emotional balance. Students often experience a better sense of health through greater body awareness. Strength and flexibility generally improve with practice, along with stress reduction, better mental health, and improved circadian rhythm.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Yoga Path is fully equipped. Aim to arrive 5 - 10 minutes before class wearing clothing that allows easy movement. No need for mat, towel, water bottle, mobile, or watch.

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