10 lessons of professional yoga tuition to establish the basics of a well rounded yoga practice


Specifically for beginners, this course will help you establish the foundation of a well rounded yoga practice.

Learn Asana, the physical postures of yoga, to encourage fitness, flexibility and muscle tone.

Develop breath awareness and learn to cultivate mental wellbeing through a meditative approach.

This course is the ideal place to start your yoga path.

These classes also make a great refresher if its been a while since you last practiced.

While most benefit is gained by attending the course in its entirety, these classes are also open to casual attendance. 


2018 Beginners Courses (10 weeks unlimited Beginners Classes)

Term 1 

Monday 22 January - Monday 26 March       

Tuesday 23 January - Tuesday 27 March   

(No class Labour Day 12th March))


Term 2 

Monday 16 April - Monday 25 June    

Tuesday 17 April - Tuesday 26 June  

(No classes Anzac Day 25th April & Queens Birthday 11th June)


Term 3 

Monday 16 July - Monday 17 September 

Tuesday 17 July - Tuesday 18 september 


Term 4 

Monday 8 October - Monday 17 December    BOOK ONLINE

Tuesday 9 October - Tuesday 18 December  BOOK ONLINE

(No class Melbourne Cup Day 6th November)


Enrol in a Term Beginners Yoga Course and gain free access to Saturday morning Yoga Basics Class for the duration of the course! Come Mondays 8pm, Tuesdays 6.30pm and Saturdays 8am throughout the same Term. 



One student's story beginners

Ros Harvy

Ros, what brought you to yoga?

It was a bit haphazard really. I started with a Pilates class, to address ongoing lower back problems. That led me to something called a "yogalates" class, which eventually led me to open the door to the Yoga Path studio, in the somewhat over optimistic view that I could "do" yoga. Luckily Tom and Nicole were very welcoming and patient. With their encouragement and a little persistence, (OK a lot of persistence), I began to appreciate the scope of Yoga and to challenge my body and mind to push against the constraints of stiff joints, muscles and inflexible beliefs about what I could or couldn't do.

How has practising Yoga helped you?

Well it has definitely increased my flexibility and those lower back pains gradually disappeared, but I would say that the biggest change has been to my peace of mind. Also Yoga is one of the few things in my life that I have really had to work on and have stuck with - previously if I couldn't master something quickly I would move on.

What keeps you coming back to Yoga Path?

I like the warm and inclusive environment at Yoga Path; I enjoy the camaraderie of the other students and the challenge and variety in the practice. I love the fact that Tom and Nicole take Yoga seriously, but don't take themselves too seriously.

- Ros Harvy

What is yoga?

Hatha yoga is the physical form of the ancient Indian practice of yoga. The word yoga itself, means 'union'. This reflects the ultimate goal of yoga, being the realisation that individual consciousness is, in fact, one with universal consciousness. Hatha focuses on the 'union' of yoga to evolve the body/brain connection through physical exercises and breath-control to encourage better health over the long term. A life of physical and mental wellbeing gives us time to consider and perhaps even realise yoga's true purpose.

What happens in class?

In class we place special focus on developing strength, endurance, flexibility, and correct postural alignment, while learning to engage the energy of the breath. Differing individual needs of age and fitness are acknowledged.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Hatha yoga helps to generate physical, mental and emotional balance. Students often experience a better sense of health through greater body awareness. Strength and flexibility generally improve with practice, along with stress reduction, better mental health, and improved circadian rhythm.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Yoga Path is fully equipped. Aim to arrive 5 - 10 minutes before class wearing clothing that allows easy movement. No need for mat, towel, water bottle, mobile, or watch.

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