Changing your perspective

Saturday, 30 May 2020 12:31
Changing your perspective
You may have noticed on billboards and buses something called “LOOK UP”. It’s a website where Dr Fiona Kerr and others have studied the effects of the very basic action of looking up. However, the study goes further to ask us to connect with each other and our experience of the world. Essentially it’s a response to... our all consuming reliance on technology and especially our preoccupation with staring at our phones (and any other screens). Particularly, our current situation calls for us to be even more attached to our screens than we normally are. Many are now at home having meeting after meeting via the internet. We are learning new ways to do things that are heavily reliant on our computers. We spend a good deal of time looking down and at close proximity to our devices.  And the study asks as to become more aware of our direction of our gaze and our perspective.
Instantly I am struck by how similar these concepts are with the intention of Yoga:  ultimately, to change our perspective, our understanding of who we are, to become more aware of our behaviour and to learn about ourselves.
When you practice Yoga you learn to slow down and watch the detail. You place your body in different positions very much outside what you would normally do in your daily life. This provides you with a different perspective. It’s a different way of looking at what you’re doing. You have to be attentive. It is far from boring -it’s incredibly fascinating. And when change your orientation of your body you also change the position of your head and your brain. You are forced to see things from a different angle, a different viewpoint. When you are in an upside down pose (inverted asana) you are challenged to know where you’re body is. It is unusual. And when you are in a backbend as the one above (Bhujangasana - cobra pose) with the head back, your body is no longer in viewing range and you are left with sensations and feelings of the body.  BKS Iyengar says of backbends, like cobra pose:  “…your head looks backwards. But your conscious mind stretches everywhere. So you must study the subject this way. You go on studying.”
Go on studying….
See you on the mat :)
Nicole Schroeter
Certified Iyengar Teacher
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