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Saturday, 28 March 2020 11:31
We are excited to be well underway with our live streaming of our classes. Yep, that is a photo of students chatting before the lunchtime class, a great way to connect and stay in touch. This article should answer questions about the nitty gritty of class access. It is super easy but if you have any tech issues please reach out to us we are here to help you:)
Thank you to those who have already been coming along to the new style of classes and taking advantage of the more comprehensive timetable. Here is one student’s thoughts:
"Thanks for this evening's class. I just felt so relieved to be in the virtual studio! Seeing other participants, although briefly, felt great. Like you mentioned, part of the community! I know the space I was in was a bit cramped, but I just felt good to be doing yoga moves under your instruction. As a long standing Yoga Path person to a first time virtual participant, I thank you so much for making this platform available.
Thanks again, Louise.”
We haven’t seen some of our other students recently, so we have put together a comprehensive run-through of how to stream our classes. Also some points of clarity for those who are already onto it.
Go the Yoga Path website and follow the links to book a class, as you have normally done in the past. You will need a log in to Punchpass and an active pass to book your place in class.
The link to enter the class will be emailed to you about 15 minutes before the class is due to start. Some students have told me they have found their link in their junk folder, so check there if you can’t find your link. When you have clicked on the link then Zoom will automatically open. It will then ask you to test your microphone and speaker. Go to ‘meeting’ and then you will be in the ‘waiting room’ before you are admitted into the class by your teacher.
Make sure you do these steps well before the start of class time so you don’t get stressed out by the technology.
You will need a good internet connection. The time of day and how many others in your household who are on the internet simultaneously seems to effect on the connection. If you are in a part of your house that doesn’t have much of a connection think about relocating your props and set up somewhere with better reception.
The bigger your viewing screen the better so you can see us clearly. Set up your mat so we can see you clearly. I have experimented with this and found that this generally works well:  start a practice meeting in Zoom so that your device's camera shows live view, set up your camera at about hip height and then move your mat back to the distance where you can see your head on your screen, your feet and the ends of your mat. Make sure there is adequate light. This assists us in being able to teach you and give you feedback on how you’re doing. Have some space around you and a bit of wall or a door (that is secure and no-one is likely to walk through!) so we can continue to teach using the wall as a prop. We want to be able to still teach a wide range of asanas.
We are selling basic prop kits from the studio. These consist of a mat, a block and a belt. This is really the minimum requirements, but if you have blankets or foam shoulderstand pads that would be awesome. Have a look around your house and see what you could possibly use for additional props. This might be going on for a while so considering getting a full prop kit would be wonderful. We am happy to drop off the basic prop kit to your house if you are local. Purchase props here.
We have changed our timetable and we have put on different classes in response to the changing circumstances. As many of you are working from home we have put more daytime classes on, and the lunchtime classes have been particularly popular. The timetable may be changed depending on how many attend each class. So please ensure you check the timetable regularly for any changes and book in at least 2 hours before the start time. If you have any particular requests we are happy to consider them. We are in uncharted waters so change is always on the cards. Checkout the timetable.
When participating in online classes we would like to be able to see you and speak to you. This is vital to running effective classes. It gives you the opportunity to ask questions, make comments and generally get a sense of being connected to your teacher and to other students participating in the class.
If there is a lot of noise on your end (eg. the people in your house are making dinner or your dog is barking) then the screen will jump onto you rather than on the teacher. There is a mute button on the top right side of your screen you can click if you have a lot of noise on your end. This is particularly good during the chants and Savasana. Remember to unmute yourself so we can have a chat afterwards.
Once you have joined an online class, it is a good idea to prioritise the Yoga Path screen so that your screenshot does not jump around from student to student if they start speaking. Zoom by default will switch screens to whoever has the loudest audio coming through on their mic. Minimize this distraction by (a) minimising disruptive sounds in your own environment and (b) by clicking the small blue icon in the top right hand corner of the Yoga Path liveview screen to access a dropdown menu; then select the pin screen option (third option from the top). This should prioritise the teacher's screen on your device regardless of who is speaking.
If your device doesn’t have audio and video please email us and advise us of your situation. It is important for us to connect with you visually as we teach so we can offer individual feedback. Also, if we can’t see you we don’t know who is accessing the class and we may pause your connection to the class until you have the chance to turn your device’s camera on.
Be sure to update us on any injuries or conditions you may have if we are not already aware of them, and we will try to help you the best we can given the situation. 
Please do not record or copy our classes. We are not making recorded copies. We ask you to respect our intellectual property rights and not record our classes in any way. We ask you not to share our classes or class access in any way.
As a small local family run business we, like many people, have been heavily affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We greatly appreciate your support of the studio. Thank you.
If you have any questions or comments we are all ears. Please contact us we are here to help you.
See you on the digital mat soon :)
Nicole & Tom,
Yoga Path
An Iyengar School
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